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In this episode Chichi share’s her journey from the corporate rate race to full time entrepreneur and how she built her business on the side, while juggling her young family too.

She shares how she started her first VA business the year her daughter was born and the many business lessons along the way. How she created her first e-course and got a taste of the leveraged lifestyle. Realised she couldn’t scale her existing business and at the same time transitioned into coaching.

You will also hear about how she faced burn out and came out the other end.

If you struggling in your business, thinking about changing direction and thinking how can I make the 9-5 leap a reality then this is for you.

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Continue the conversation over in my free Facebook Community – www.ceomasterygroup.com
The Book the kick started my VA Journey – The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky

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Transcript: CEO Mastery Episode 1 – From Bank Manager to Entrepreneur
Listen to the episode via Stitcher Radio: 001: From Bank Manager to Entrepreneur

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