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In celebration of National Freelancer Day on the 8th June, in this episode I talk about why I believe that running your own business and being self employed is the true path to freedom.

National Freelancer Day is hosted by IPSE, who are the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed. They are the voice of independent professionals in the UK and they make sure freelancers, interim managers, consultants and contractors are represented to Government.

IPSE also host the annual Freelancer of the Year awards for which I was this year’s runner up in the Inspire Category.

Winning my award with IPSE Chairman James Collings and Comedian & Host Ellie Taylor

I have always loved business but growing up academics always came first, so I went to university and got my degree. I even got myself a graduate job even though I knew deep down I wanted to work for myself.

Today with more and more young people opting OUT of university, the opportunities are endless when it comes to forging your own path.

In this episode I share my top reasons for choosing the freelancer way of life and how it it supports my family, fulfils my mission and helps me to empower more women to do the same.

Freelancer of the year award - Chichi Eruchalu

CEO Mastery Podcast - Why Self Employment is the path to freedom

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