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Hi there!

Hi I’m Chichi Eruchalu, a Business Strategist and Coach who helps you get noticed and known by the people that matter – your future clients.

My sweet spot is business visibility, helping you confidently overcome your fears around being seen online by helping you lead with your strengths.

I am here to help you get clear on what you want, create a plan to achieve it and hold you accountable every step of the way.

I work with solopreneurs, new and established businesses to creatively build your strategy & help you be connected to your bigger purpose, so that you can grow a business which allows you to feel fulfilled & give back in an authentic way.

Welcome to the next level.

My Story…

I started my business back in 2012 following the birth of my daughter. I wanted to do something from home, that would eventually allow me to leave my corporate bank job. I discovered the world of the Virtual Assistant (VA) and this is when I first became aware of how powerful the internet was in creating a lifestyle and freedom business.

My business evolved into web and graphic design and then I had my son. I realised that doing this type of business on my own, it wasn’t scalable. I created my first ecourse and that opened my eyes to the power of digital products and courses.

After that more and more people kept asking me how they could grow their business online and get more clients and so I transitioned into business strategy and coaching, with the focus on business visibility. I ran my business alongside my 9-5 until October 2016 when I finally said goodbye! But that was not the full story.

I have been in the online space a while and in July 2015, I reached burn out. I had returned back to work in May after maternity leave, my husband had got a job working away and I was trying to run my business.

I was doing ALL THE THINGS, listening to too many people, buying too many courses and not trusting myself. The result – I ended up frustrated, overwhelmed and burnout and broke. My confidence was at an all-time low (as was my bank balance) and my mindset was all wrong. I stopped believing in myself. 

I stepped away from my business for 6 weeks (at the time I had made the decision to leave indefinitely) and took time to redefine what success looked like for me. This was when I had the realisation that you have to design your life first and build a business to support it.

Since then, and since returning back to my business, that is what I am doing. I run my business on my own terms and in the best way to support me, my lifestyle, my family and goals. I focus on the 20% which gets me the 80% impact.

Today I am thrilled to run a thriving coaching practice as well as lead a 3500+ strong community called CEO Mastery, where I empower women around the world to start and grow their own businesses so that they too can create lasting impact and legacy in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

I am also the host of the CEO Mastery Podcast, CEO Mastery Daily Digest and the founder of The Collective and have been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian and Enterprise Nation. This year I also won runner up in IPSE Freelancer of the Year Awards. 

Besides all this business stuff I am a wife and a mum and I am truly grateful for the lifestyle my business affords me. I get to do the schools runs and school trips. I can take time off and enjoy the school holidays. More importantly I am walking in my purpose and showing them that anything is possible.

I want to encourage you that there is nothing magical about me. I am a girl who had a dream and a deep desire to make it happen, and this is just the beginning. 

What ever you want to create in your life, you can do so…if you believe you can. xo

10 facts about me…

  1. I am married to a great guy and mama to a very wonderful girl and boy!
  2. I love reading (my Kindle is my best friend) and I often have two or three books on the go. More recently though I relish being able to hold a physical book. Currently reading: Experts Secrets by Russell Brunson and 5 second Rule by Mel Robbins
  3. I love lists; to do lists, shopping lists and I am one of those people who will do something and if it is not on my to-do list, will put it on and cross it off. I also love bullet journalling. 
  4. I love to help people and teach what I know. Teaching is my passion. 
  5. I have been an entrepreneur all my life, from selling sweets at tuck shop, to Young Enterprise selling figurines to being a VA and now a Digital Marketing Business Strategist.
  6. I can learn ANYTHING I put my mind to. I am extremely techie but also love to be creative whether that be creating a website (I did this one!), designing a graphic or even sewing or baking.
  7. I love DIY! When I got married I was the one who brought the toolbox into the relationship 🙂
  8. At 5″10 I am the SHORTEST of all my 5 siblings.
  9. I love to create video for my business, but prefer to read or listen with other content. Check out my lives streams on my Facebook page or podast on iTunes.
  10. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…I am nothing without Him.

Want to find out more about working together? Go here. 

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Official Bio

Chichi Eruchalu is Business Strategist and Coach who helps you get noticed and known by the people that matter – your future clients.

Her sweet spot is business visibility, helping you confidently overcome your fears around being seen online by helping you lead with your strengths.

Together she develops strategies to establish you as an authority in your niche, connect you with the people who need to hear from you and help you show up with intention, making consistency your new best friend so that you can hit your income goals month after month.

Chichi works with solopreneurs, new and established businesses to creatively build your strategy and help you be connected, so that you can grow a business which allows you to feel fulfilled and give back in an authentic way.

After 10 years working in Corporate across various business roles, she left her 9-5 to face entrepreneurship full time and is having a blast helping her own clients leave their jobs, raise their rates, get featured in high profile publications and become Amazon best sellers while designing their dream lifestyles.

A Huffington Post blogger, her work has been seen by over 100 thousand people and her mission is to help you stop hiding.

A lover of Kindle, Netflix and Facebook Live and she lives in London with her husband and two children.

You will find her hanging out in her free Facebook community CEO Mastery.

For Chichi’s official Bio & recent Press Releases visit the Media Folder.