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Want to create more Momentum this year?

New Year’s Eve is here and the year is coming to a close.

Firstly pause and give thanks because “you made it”.

I personally want to say thank you to you for being part of my community this year. From posts to podcasts, events to videos. Thank you for supporting me this year.

No matter how this year was for you, you are still here with the opportunity for greater things at your fingertips.

2017 has been a very interesting year for me. It was my first full year as an entrepreneur, having left my job the previous year and it was a year of getting into the groove and finding my flow. It had its high and it also had its lows, but I end the year with deep gratitude.

This year my personal highlights include:

  • launching the CEO Mastery Podcast,
  • writing and launching my bestselling book “If Only They Knew”
  • winning Freelancer of the Year 2017
  • getting published in The Guardian
  • launching “The Collective” Membership Community
  • working with hundreds of women across the world in my courses, programs and Masterminds helping YOU create incredible businesses of your own
  • smashing my goal of booking a speaking gig every single month
  • being able to do the school run every day and other amazing activities with my children including Disneyland in April.

At the same, I experienced some personal challenges and lost people dear to me. I learnt this year the power of trust, community and self-belief and I am excited to embark on the next 12 months. Goals are set and intentions declared.

If you haven’t claimed your goals for this coming year, I encourage you to do so. Grab your journal and do two things today.

1. Write down where you are at right now. How much money you are earning, how you’re feeling, what you achieved and accomplished in 2017.

2. Write down your top 3 goals you would like to achieve in 2018 and how you would like to feel 31 December 2018.
If you saw my video inside CEO Mastery about goal setting you will see that I talked about choosing “becoming goals vs performance goals”. In 2018, who do you want to become? Success is less about achieving your goals but the person you become in the process (Zig Ziglar).

Allow that to direct your actions.

If you’re thinking that 2018 is the year where you step up and make massive strides in your business, then I’m right behind you.

My word for 2018 is FEARLESS (BRAVE) and I am committed to taking massive and consistent action to help me get to where I want to be in both my business and life.

Consistency and perseverance are the names of the game next in order to build massive momentum which leads to:

Increased income
Increased impact
Increased influence

In just over two weeks I begin the 4th round of my ever so popular 6-month masterminds. An opportunity for you to get coaching, accountability and support as you build your business in 2018.

The Momentum Mastermind is for women who are want to ignite and accelerate their results and want a high vibe and committed environment to do it in. You have big goals and know that you can’t keep doing the same things. You also don’t want to do it at the expense of your life you desire to live. I am here to walk alongside you and help you achieve this.

We all know we become the average of the 5 people we spend time with, who is in YOUR circle.

The investment for the 6 months is very affordable and we have 20 spaces available. As a special bonus, for the first 5 people who sign up you will receive a 60-minute strategy session to kick off our time together (value £500).

To find out more and to grab your spot in the Momentum Mastermind, visit here.

Super excited to jump-start 2018 together!

Happy New Year!

Momentum Mastermind - Business Coaching with Chichi Eruchalu

Be Brave – there are no rules

Be Brave - Chichi Eruchalu

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Robin Waite, author of Take Your Shot (go download and read if you haven’t) and we talked business, but more importantly, we talked about how as coaches we have to lead from the front.

Our clients take our lead and so if there are things we are noticing in our businesses that we don’t like, we need to take a look in the mirror.

“Be Brave Chichi”, he said, “You have to be fearless”.

He then continued to explain that when he started to be more fearless in his own business, have better boundaries around what he did and didn’t accept, but also started stepping out more boldly, his clients did the same.

As I sat and reflected, in that moment Robin probably had no idea how powerful those two words were for me.

Be Brave.

2017 was my first year as a full-time entrepreneur and sure I accomplished a lot of things, that I am really proud of, but I did so ever so cautiously.

Underneath it all, I was running scared,

Scared to make a mistake.
Scared to look stupid.
Scared to make the investments I know I needed to.
Scared to say the things I really wanted to say
Scared to put myself out there in a much bigger way

And being sacred does one thing…hold you back from fulfiling your true potential.

So stepping into 2018, I have committed to being BRAVE. Yep, this is my word for next year.

No longer staying stuck doing the same thing over and over but trying new things, meeting new people, attending different events and more. Knowing what works for me and doing more of that and I encourage you to do the same.

I am taking parts of my online business offline and will be doing more in-person events, speaking and training. I no longer want to hide behind a laptop but genuinely form deeper relationships with people and build connection, as I seek to develop myself, grow my business and give back to my community.

A very wise entrepreneur recently told me that “there are no rules”. Whatever you want to do, you can do it providing it doesn’t break the law or go against your own personal ethics and moral code.

So with that today I urge you to be brave.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and be the fearless leader you know you are.

p.s. Out from behind your laptop is back – monthly offline events for online entrepreneurs who want to network a better way. January’s tickets are available here: chichie.co/connect-jan

If Only They Knew Book – How you can support

So it’s a wrap! The virtual book tour ended last night with the fantastic Chatting with Chichi Show (not my show, another Chichi 😀). It was a great interview, you can catch the replay here

16 platforms, 16+ hours of training, combined reach of 100,000+ people. All through Facebook. The internet has made it 
easy for us know to share our message far and wide. If you are thinking of launching your next book, course, program etc. be sure to leverage all the fantastic tools that are at your disposal. 

Today I will be doing a book tour wrap up at 12pm on my Facebook page as well as announcing the prizes for people who shared and supported the tour. Be sure to join me live

My book officially launches tomorrow (Tuesday 24th)! Excited much!

If you’re thinking, how can I support you, support the book? Here are a couple of things you can do.

1. Buy the book – Grab your copy from Amazon or order the PDF from my website. Pre-Order pricing ends today.

2. Tell people about the book – visit my Facebook page and share the posts with your tribe

3. Add our custom frame to your Facebook profile picture – inside Facebook go to your profile picture, and choose “update profile picture”. When you do that you will see the image below. Choose add frame and then search for If Only They Knew and choose the frame you want.

Once the frame is applied it should look like the picture below. It is a simple and subtle way to show your support for the book.

4. Share our promo image below on Instagram with the following hashtags. Maximum of 30 per person. Please post the hashtags as a comment after the image is uploaded and if you want to tag me (@chichieruchalu) in the post description you can too.

If Only They Knew Book - Book Out Now

Link to share: chichie.co/buy-ifonlytheyknew  (no “www” needed as the link won’t work)

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Here is a snippet you can use and tailor:
Really excited to share the release of my friend @chichieruchalu’s new book, If Only They Knew. Chichi is a Business Coach for women seeking clarity and confidence and whose journey of entrepreneurship, courage and self-discovery are shared in this powerful book. 

You can also get other information about me from the bio on my website as well if you need it

5. Review the book on your blog, podcast or YouTube channel. I am available for interviews, so if you would like me on your podcast or channel, do get in touch. 

My desire for the book is to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. 

I want empower you to own your gifts and confidently go out and create a profitable and sustainable business. Create your own version of full-time freedom. 

You have to be the one to take charge of your future; protect and nurture your vision and take daily action to make it happen. 

If this sounds like you, then If Only They Knew, is for you. 

Thank you for all your support so far, looking forward to birthing this 
baby tomorrow! 🙂

Chichi xo

p.s. not accessed your free chapter yet, download it here.

025: Behind The Scenes Of My Upcoming Book Launch

In this episode I share my strategies and tactics to help support the launch of my new book “If Only They Knew” set for release October 24th 2017.


CEO Mastery-EP25 Behind the scenes of my upcoming book launch

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024: Why I Am Writing A Book

My new book “If Only They Knew – How to create a full time freedom business on your own terms” is coming out in October. In today’s episode I share why I am writing the book and some tips to help the writing process.

Join the book launch team at www.chichieruchalu.com/launch-team

Links mentioned in this episode:

CEO Mastery Group- http://www.ceomasterygroup.com

Book Launch team- http://www.chichieruchalu.com/launch-team


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023: Social media, Motherhood And Mastery w/ Rachel Pedersen

Transcript coming soon

This week’s guest is Rachel Pedersen also known as the mother of social media, talking about making social media, intentional choices, being a role model for her daughters and having the best social media agency in the world

Have a listen and come back and share your takeaways.

Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media Strategist recognized by Content Marketing Institute as one of the Most Influential Online Marketers. Rachel went from a college drop-out, single mother on welfare – to a successful and highly sought after Social Media Strategist and educator. She has been featured on top publications such as Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail and more, as well as on top podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire. Rachel is also the founder of Social Media United, a leading online university for those aspiring to become successful social media managers and strategists. Her students have each had their own tremendous success, securing clients, growing their skills, and leaving their 9-5s. Learn more about her at www.rachelpedersen.com.

CEO Mastery- EP23- Social media, motherhood and mastery w Rachel Pedersen

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022: No Woman Is An Island, Invest In Yourself

Transcript coming soon

We have it programed in to us that we need to do it alone, like we are less than if we dare ask for help. It’s not true.

Entrepreneurship is not meant to be a solo sport, it really does take a village and investing in yourself at whatever level is so important.

In today’s episode I share my experiences from investing in myself and the things you can do, to start investing in yourself today.

Remember you don’t need to do it alone.

Links mentioned in this episode:

The Get Clients now challenge (in the CEO Mastery Group)- http://www.ceomasterygroup.com

Book launch team- http://www.chichieruchalu.com/launch-team

The Collective- http://www.chichieruchalu.com/the-collective/


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Authenticity Over Popularity

CEO Mastery- Authenticity over popularity

Authenticity over popularity

“True visibility starts with being visible with yourself”

Authenticity always wins, but yet we are afraid to let down the mask.

What will people think, say or feel about me?

I can’t bear it if people no longer like me, or judge me.

What if people discover who I really am and realise that I am not all that. I am not that put together, they will be hugely disappointed.

The deep desire for acceptance and approval is HUGE and at the same time can be the BIGGEST PRISON you can put yourself IN.

I know this personally.

Trapped in this space of approval and acceptance from others, when in fact I already had it, if I chose to open my eyes and see it.

Acceptance from God.

Acceptance and approval from myself.


What message would you bring to the world if you fully believed in yourself and didn’t chase the likes and accolades, but simply shared from the heart.

Will you choose authenticity over popularity or become one of the crowd, blending it, trying to be like others, rather than standing for what you believe even if it means standing alone?

So today as I write this, I want to reflect on the reality of being an entrepreneur and how most days it is hard AF.

That sometimes the pressure of having a “following” means that you are too scared to do what you actually want to do, for fear of letting people down or what people will think.

And the more people that follow you and come into your community, the more you retreat and freak out a little more.

That the instagram highlight of glossy pictures and big smiles, doesn’t show the insecurities, piles of dirty laundry, tantrums and daily life of as a wife and mum who is just trying to keep it all together raising her kids as best as she can.

That you constantly have people all around you who are doing MILES better (in your opinion) and therefore trigger the hell out of you, whenever they appear on your news feed and then distract you from doing what YOU should be doing.

That I’ve spent more time looking at job adverts in the last 3 months, wondering what if.

But it’s all good, it is well.

Because this is life. Real life.

In my devotion this morning (which full transparency here has been totally neglected the past few weeks), Joyce Meyer mentioned that whatever we focus on we become.

So today I choose to focus on living an authentic and real life.

Focus on gratitude and grace.

Forgiveness and faith.

It’s messy but it’s real.

It’s me.

Not everything I do you will like.

Nor everything I say you will resonate with, but that is okay.

True visibility starts with being visible with myself, honouring myself and that is what is important, for you and for me.



021: From Zero to Global Success with Jokotade

In this first installment of our Inspiration Women series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vivian Jokotade.

I came across her work a few months ago and was blown away by her presence, knowledge and wisdom.

You know when you meet someone and you’re like “I want to be them, when I grow up” that is how I felt when I connected with her. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and Jokotade shares some powerful pearls of wisdom.

Have a listen and come back and share your takeaways.

Jokotade - CEO Mastery Podcast 021 - Chichi Eruchalu

Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi, fondly known as “Jokotade”, is a Nigerian-American author, speaker and mentor to women, entrepreneurs and difference makers. She inspires diverse audiences by sharing personal stories and insight with much passion, relevance and heart. Her audio and video programs equip listeners and viewers in over 100 countries.

Get to know her when you visit her home online at Jokotade.com.

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021-Welcome Back To Season 2

Transcript coming soon

Welcome back to Season 2 of the CEO Mastery Podcast. This season I will be bringing you more interviews from inspirational women across the entrepreneurial space as well as the CEO Mastery Community.

Episodes will be coming out twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Links mentioned in this episode:


Book a strategy session with Chichi: http://www.chichieruchalu.com/strategy-session/

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