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Published in The Guardian talking Boundaries in Business

This week I was super thrilled to have my first article published in the Guardian newspaper, where I am discussing how to set boundaries for your business.

I like helping people. The vast majority of entrepreneurs do. As a coach and strategist I spend my days troubleshooting with clients, mapping out strategies and giving advice and support. I also have a web design business.

At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey in 2012, I was overly excited. I said yes to all kind of projects, even ones I didn’t really enjoy but that paid an income. I worked all the time, worked with anyone, never took any time out and struggled to recharge properly. Needless to say juggling this with a full-time job, a young family and a partner often working away, I didn’t last long. This went on for close to a year, until I had to take a six-week hiatus while I regrouped.

Read the rest of the article over in The Guardian.

What is the dream and who is living mine?

This is a guest post by the lovely Emma Holmes who runs Mums in Franchise.


Who does not want that perfect work/life balance?

Do you dream of a day when everything works in perfect harmony, you don’t feel stressed or shouty anymore, you never forget to do things and run around at the last minute – YOU WILL HAVE IT ALL!

But what is it, this ALL that we are seeking, this perfect work/life balance – what does it look like?