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Entrepreneur Secrets – My first year in full time business

September will mark 12 months from when I handed in my notice in my corporate job.

The past year has been a really interesting one.

Lots of highs:

  • IPSE Freelancer of The Year Runner up
  • Launched the Podcast
  • 2 live events
  • 2 group programs
  • Filled up 1:1 practice
  • Published in the Guardian
  • 3000+ inside CEO Mastery plus much more

And also lots of lessons 🙂

In this video I peel back the curtain to share what has been happening in my business these past 12 months and the things I have learnt. Sharing what I like to call my entrepreneur truths.

Watch it below:

My flagship group coaching + mastermind program is about to reopen her doors and I couldn’t be more excited.

We have revamped, upgraded and extended this experience, to allow you create the best possible results in your business and your life.

10 month of community, coaching and clarity with me to help you build a successful business that creates the freedom you want for yourself. Sisterhood, Strategy and Success our 3 cornerstones.

My current Inner Circle members will be coming to the group over the course of the month – to share their experience during the program – so be sure not to miss those.

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Tiny Time, Greater Impact No.4


You have an employee sleeping on the job. Yes you heard me.

Your website is your full time sales executive and if it is not optimised and set up to convert, nurture and inform potential clients about how they can work with you, then you are missing out big time.

Watch this live stream where I share the 5 ways you are losing sales from your website.

5 things you are doing that are costing you sales

IS YOUR WEBSITE SLEEPING ON THE JOB AND COSTING YOU SALES?- So you have this website, with beautiful branding but no one is opting in- You are cranking out great content online but no one is sharing- Your services are just what your ideal client needs, but they don’t even know you existWHAT GIVES?You’re doing “everything right” so why is no one finding you online?I mean what good is a £500, £1000, or even a £3000 website if it is not getting you any leads or customers.Your website should be your extra employee, working on your behalf, so why the hell does it feel like they are sleeping on the job.It doesn’t have to be that way. I AM LOOKING FOR 6 ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT UPPING THEIR ONLINE VISIBILITY TO JOIN ME ON THIS HYBRID GROUP/1:1 PROGRAMAt the end of our time together you will be able to:- Convert more visitors on your website into calls or sales- Use social media to actually build your list, rather than aimlessly scrolling the newsfeed- Understand Google Analytics so that you target your popular posts and know where your traffic is coming from so that you can do more of what is working- Understand the foundations of SEO so that you can be found in Google and generate FREE leads – Build your online credibility so that people recognise you as the expert you are and are knocking on the door to work with youUltimately get your visibility working 24/7 and making sales.I will personally walk you through the strategies, give you 1:1 feedback and help you with the tech.Wouldn't it be nice to have: :- More of the right people on your list- More conversions (whether it is calls or sales you are after)- More online coverage and reach- Plus an employee (your website) earning its wageIf this has your name on it – PM me for sign up info.

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As an entrepreneur you want to be spending your time on high value activity. At the same time you want to be generating leads and sales 24/7 with minimal effort and the only way to do that is if your website is working hard for you.

An example of my funnel:

Facebook live – with call to action – go to website to sign up for freebie – come on my list and get invite to facebook group – get a series of welcome emails which ultimately lead to booking a call.

This happens all automatically….

So I wake up to calls booked on autopilot

1. Do I have an effective website – ie one that clearly tells people what I do and how I can help them?
2. Is it easy for people to buy from me on my website? Do my payment buttons work?
3. Do I have a way to capture people’s email addresses so if they come to my site and they are not ready to buy I have a way to stay in touch with them?
4. Am I sharing high value content, that positions me as an expect and helps to grow the know, like and trust factor?
5. Do I have a simple, automated way for people to connect with me/book a call or purchase a product?

If the answer is no, then you book a call with me where we can go through this and more.

My top business lessons since leaving my 9-5

So it has been just over 3 months since I said goodbye to my 9-5 and went from employee to full time entrepreneur.

In this video, I share my top business lessons learnt during this time and how they have impacted my business.

Prefer to listen?

What was your favourite lesson?

If you are looking to make the leap and want help putting together your exit plan, then download my free workbook and audio training “The 9-5 Escape Plan” and plan your exit today. 

Tiny Time, Greater Impact No.3

No.3 of my 5 part series on tiny time greater impact is all about Time Vs Money.


When operating in the space of #tinytime, you will often be faced with a choice.

Do I invest more of my time (which is limited anyway) or do I invest money?

Right now, if you are reading this – time is not a resource that you have more of to give.

Next you want to ask yourself:

What is the income goal I am looking to achieve and why?

For me in order to leave my 9-5, I wanted to replace my monthly corporate income as a minimum.

{Full disclosure – I left my job without any savings or a buffer. I am a risk taker. If that’s not you – no problem}

Now when I speak to clients, I always ask them what their income goal is and how much time they have available to work on their business.


Because it helps me to create a plan but more importantly by understanding their goals and availability, I can look at their current product and services and see whether that plan is achievable.

Most often it is not.

At your current pricing, do your product and services allow you to hit the income goal you desire?


When I sat down to plan how I would hit consistent £5k months, I knew that it wasn’t going to come from selling £47 products only. (Now I am not saying you can’t do that, but you need a lot of people in your tribe to do so.)

I knew that it would come from coaching and leveraging my time and so I set out to grow my business in a way that would allow me to do that.

On the other side of things, let’s talk about the relationship between investing in your business and business growth.

Do you think it is possible to run a £3-5k a month business on your own? Especially when you have a job and/or family?

You don’t know what you don’t know and if you are coming into this business game fresh, or even a little while but not yielding results, there is a high probability you will continue to spend a ton of time fumbling about in the dark trying to “figure things out”.

Time passing you by daily.

You know the whole adage “you’ve gotta spend money to make money” well in a #tinytime business (any business for that matter) it is especially true.

You haven’t got the time – so to get the same level of output or MORE you look to invest your money. #truth

E.g. when I first started working with a VA I hired her for 5 hours a month.

I saw the value in a VA but was scared to really invest and was still doing a ton of things myself.

When I made the decision to leave my 9-5, I sat down honestly and reviewed all the business activities I was doing and knew that in order to grow my business and also do it in a way that didn’t kill me, I needed more help. Could I afford it, not really but I knew it was what I needed to do.

[TIP – Make decisions from the place of where you want to be, not your current reality]

So I became unapologetic and took steps to build my team. I went from 5 hours a month to 10 HOURS A WEEK!

Was it a leap? Sure

Scary? Of course

But I made that commitment and it forced me to step up and take the necessary action to generate the revenue to be able to make my payments to her month on month.

It also:

a) freed me up to focus on the core income generating and visibility activities that only I could do (sales calls, coaching, creating my videos)
b) it forced me to let go and delegate more

Having the income from my job, allowed me to make that investment and the difference this made to my business was huge!

I also made the decision to invest in specific mentors to help me make the transition as quickly and effectively as possible.

Some of my investments last year:
✔ Business mentor who’s program was designed to help me go to full time income and leave your job in 12 months, (I did it 8 months from when we started working together)
✔ Mindset Coaching
✔ Business Strategy
✔ Year long mastermind
✔ Professional photographs
✔ Better software and tools
✔ Facebook ads

This is why I believe having a job while you are growing your business is such a blessing.

And the results:
✔ I left my 9-5
✔ My community grew rapidly (this group from 242 to 2000+ and my email list doubled)
✔ Five figure sold out launch for my last group program
✔ Consistent £5k+ months
✔ Increased visibility and impact (Published in the Huffington Post, YFS Magazine and a regular podcast guest)

All because I continued to invest and grow.

My business was earning income consistently but to take it to the next level where I could comfortably go full time, I needed to make investments to get there.

Did I always have the money?

No but it was these very investments which accelerated my journey to making the income I wanted. I have always made a return on all my investments and I continue to do so.

Make sense?

It is like a chicken and egg situation, but actually it’s not.

You want to grow your business and start earning the money you want.

In order to do so, you need to make investments (a coach or mentor who will show you the way, software, website, pictures etc).

Your business isn’t making any money right now or very little, so you are worried “how can I invest in anything right now”, but it is the very fact that you MAKE the investment which triggers you getting the returns that you want.

You want it all worked out before you will make the leap. It doesn’t work that way.

By investing you are declaring “I believe in this. I believe in myself” and everything around you falls into alignment to support that declaration.

Besides how can you expect anyone to invest in you, when you won’t invest in yourself.

Could you hit your income goal without getting a coach or mentor….maybe but it would take you a whole lot longer and it will cost you more in the long run. So why reinvent the wheel?

If you pay £1000 to be shown how to make £5000, while still in your 9-5 and with your family in tow, and that allows you to finally leave your job for good, surely that is a worthwhile return on your investment?

So here is the reality…You have #tinytime.

You want to make a greater impact and earn more and reach more people and/or leave your job.

But the truth is, without making the investments into outsourcing, coaching, things that will help you “go pro”, it will take you a whole lot longer that it needs to.

And honestly you cannot do everything on your own, you just cannot – without it negatively impacting another area of your life.

I personally believe you can go from Employee to Entrepreneur in 12 months or less (or if you are not in a job from 0 to full time income status) with the right steps and strategy and in my Inner Circle I will be sharing with you how.

Don’t be scared to invest. It is okay to invest. Even if you are not making money.

Even if it is the most money you have paid for anything in your business.

Even if you feel it makes you irresponsible…you’re not.

The returns are worth it…

My clients will tell you the power of an investment and the subsequent results they have seen.

Remember you have a choice.

Time vs money.

How fast do you want to go?


Enrolment for my Inner Circle is open – grab your spot here: www.chichieruchalu.com/inner-circle


This is part 2 of my five part series to help you achieve greater impact in your business, while operating with #tinytime.

In this post we’re talking schedules, routines, self care and sleep…

Part 2 video:

So we’re talking about knowing what you need to do to start your day well and how much time you can dedicate to yourself every morning.

It’s about making intentional decisions on how you use your time and making the right sacrifices to be able to achieve your goals.

This is the season to build your business. Perhaps your aim is being able to leave your job or to provide the income that you want through your business.

Watch the video now to learn about cultivating a good mindset practice and using tiny time to make greater impact in your business and life.

To read Part 1 of the series click here >


What is #tinytime?

This refers to anyone who is running their business alongside a job and/or a family and other commitments and constraints. So effectively not full time hours as an entrepreneur but is seeking full time income.

I believe it is possible to make a big impact in your business, by taking strategic action and in doing so, create the freedom and the income you desire, doing it in a way that feels good, doesn’t jeopardise your health or kill your relationships.

When you are working with #tinytime it is not about doing ALL THE THINGS, NO. It is about doing the things that matter.


These are all points we look into in more detail in The CEO Mastery Inner Circle. My new 6 month mentoring program for women who are ready to make 2017 the year of #nomoreexcuses.

Working together over the next 6 months, you will receive the support, guidance and structure to help you build a business that has impact alongside your job and/or family.

You know that in order to succeed you have to take ACTION but not just any action, the right action on a consistent basis.

I created this programme for driven entrepreneurs who are tired of spinning their wheels and want to see better results in their business.

No more wasted investments – it is time so see ROI on your efforts.

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