022: No Woman Is An Island, Invest In Yourself

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We have it programed in to us that we need to do it alone, like we are less than if we dare ask for help. It’s not true.

Entrepreneurship is not meant to be a solo sport, it really does take a village and investing in yourself at whatever level is so important.

In today’s episode I share my experiences from investing in myself and the things you can do, to start investing in yourself today.

Remember you don’t need to do it alone.

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Authenticity Over Popularity

CEO Mastery- Authenticity over popularity

Authenticity over popularity

“True visibility starts with being visible with yourself”

Authenticity always wins, but yet we are afraid to let down the mask.

What will people think, say or feel about me?

I can’t bear it if people no longer like me, or judge me.

What if people discover who I really am and realise that I am not all that. I am not that put together, they will be hugely disappointed.

The deep desire for acceptance and approval is HUGE and at the same time can be the BIGGEST PRISON you can put yourself IN.

I know this personally.

Trapped in this space of approval and acceptance from others, when in fact I already had it, if I chose to open my eyes and see it.

Acceptance from God.

Acceptance and approval from myself.


What message would you bring to the world if you fully believed in yourself and didn’t chase the likes and accolades, but simply shared from the heart.

Will you choose authenticity over popularity or become one of the crowd, blending it, trying to be like others, rather than standing for what you believe even if it means standing alone?

So today as I write this, I want to reflect on the reality of being an entrepreneur and how most days it is hard AF.

That sometimes the pressure of having a “following” means that you are too scared to do what you actually want to do, for fear of letting people down or what people will think.

And the more people that follow you and come into your community, the more you retreat and freak out a little more.

That the instagram highlight of glossy pictures and big smiles, doesn’t show the insecurities, piles of dirty laundry, tantrums and daily life of as a wife and mum who is just trying to keep it all together raising her kids as best as she can.

That you constantly have people all around you who are doing MILES better (in your opinion) and therefore trigger the hell out of you, whenever they appear on your news feed and then distract you from doing what YOU should be doing.

That I’ve spent more time looking at job adverts in the last 3 months, wondering what if.

But it’s all good, it is well.

Because this is life. Real life.

In my devotion this morning (which full transparency here has been totally neglected the past few weeks), Joyce Meyer mentioned that whatever we focus on we become.

So today I choose to focus on living an authentic and real life.

Focus on gratitude and grace.

Forgiveness and faith.

It’s messy but it’s real.

It’s me.

Not everything I do you will like.

Nor everything I say you will resonate with, but that is okay.

True visibility starts with being visible with myself, honouring myself and that is what is important, for you and for me.



021: From Zero to Global Success with Jokotade

In this first installment of our Inspiration Women series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vivian Jokotade.

I came across her work a few months ago and was blown away by her presence, knowledge and wisdom.

You know when you meet someone and you’re like “I want to be them, when I grow up” that is how I felt when I connected with her. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and Jokotade shares some powerful pearls of wisdom.

Have a listen and come back and share your takeaways.

Jokotade - CEO Mastery Podcast 021 - Chichi Eruchalu

Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi, fondly known as “Jokotade”, is a Nigerian-American author, speaker and mentor to women, entrepreneurs and difference makers. She inspires diverse audiences by sharing personal stories and insight with much passion, relevance and heart. Her audio and video programs equip listeners and viewers in over 100 countries.

Get to know her when you visit her home online at Jokotade.com.

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021-Welcome Back To Season 2

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Welcome back to Season 2 of the CEO Mastery Podcast. This season I will be bringing you more interviews from inspirational women across the entrepreneurial space as well as the CEO Mastery Community.

Episodes will be coming out twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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[Case Study] Web Design – Santis Pilates

How important is a website to your overall business success?

Well it depends. As I have always said, if you are not clear on your ideal client, your offers and your message, you have no business pulling together a website as you will just end up changing it once you figure those things out. For new entrepreneurs it is a procrastination tool.

However if you do know all these things, having your own digital home can go a long way in strengthening your online brand, generating leads and building your expert status.

Your website should be your 24/7 employee, making sales and gathering up leads on your behalf. It should be able to give prospective clients and customers all the answers they need to be able to make a decision to work with you. A website helps you to be found online and we all know that in order to get paid, you need to be found. So in that way, having a website is a strength to an already established and consistent visibility strategy.

In today’s case study I would like to introduce you to my client Sabine from Santis Pilates. Originally one of my very first web design students 3 years ago, when I launched Creative Web School, she built out her first website using my trainings. A star pupil, she went through all the modules and implemented everything.

Fast forward 3 years and her business has grown, her brand has matured and her website need to be upgraded too.

Together Sabine and I discussed refreshing her brand and building a new mobile responsive and modern website.

Here is old website.

Here is the new one

Check out this video where I walk through both sites.

Key things for this project:

  • A clean mobile responsive website using Divi 3.0
  • Refreshed branding. Whilst I didn’t redesign her branding, I refreshed it and updated the logo.
  • Good use of graphics and photographs, Sabine had a photoshoot prior to us starting the project
  • Personalised touches – like her hand written signature

Visit the site at www.santispilates.com

Feedback from the client:

I’m very happy with the new site and can’t wait to get clients feedback!

If you are looking for help in building or updating your online home, I would love to talk to you about how I can support you with that. Get in touch here