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“If you need help setting up your WordPress website …don’t suffer in silence. Chichi took away all the pain and angst from me and quickly and efficiently came up with a fabulous site. Left to my own devices I would still be tearing my hair out. Thank you Chichi”
Fiona Brown | www.MentoredbyFiona.com


“Good blog designers are sometimes hard to come by. I was referred to Chichi at Kanso Creative after she did a great job for one of her clients and she performed even beyond my expectations. Her reasonable fee and her diligence is what I admire most about her. I have no clue about web development and it was difficult to find someone that would be patient enough to explain what was involved. This is exactly what Chichi did; she offered guidance and suggestions throughout the developmental phases. I am very happy with the new look of my site and I highly recommend Kanso Creative to prospective clients. Remember, you need a developer that is patient especially if you have little or no understanding of website development.”
Olu | www.lynksdrivers.com



“I recently wanted to start a blog but was not exactly sure how I wanted it to look except that I wanted a clean and pretty look and I must say I got this with Kanso Creative. Working with Chichi was amazing. She was easy to approach with questions, easy to reach, easily gave tips and ideas, great about responding in a timely manner and delivered what she promised in a short period of time. I love my blog and I know I’ll return for future work! Thx!! “
Yvonne | www.yvonnesloves.com



The service provided is excellent and Chichi is such a pleasure to work with and since getting my website for Lovejoy Centre it has increased my productivity, increased more traffic to it and also I have been able to help people who needed information fast as they were able to easily access it from the website.

I would definitely highly recommend Kanso Creative for all your website projects. Chichi is able to get what you say straight away and produce it accordingly such a gift.
Ann Marie Lovejoy | www.lovejoycentre.co.uk



was referred to Kanso Creative by a friend. Although I had some knowledge of WordPress prior to meeting Chichi, my website was built  much faster than if I had taken on that task and the simple, professional looking website is something I am proud of. I will happily refer others to Kanso Creative for their website. Thank you!

Sam Leyton | www.theviewstudio.co.uk



Chichi of Kanso Creative has created a clean cut web site, while still letting it appeal to those ladies who are more ‘girly’ which is just what was needed for a web site about sewing! She has the patience to help a client who isn’t ‘techy’ & explain what is happening at each stage.
Mary Anne Robbins | www.sewingseamseasy.co.uk