Ready to make Powerful Progress?


What I know about you

You are a CEO, smart, brilliant but not hitting the levels you know you are capable of (income or otherwise).

You have big dreams and time is small, so you need to know where to focus yourself for maximum return.

You’re fed up with all the noise out there and want to create your OWN strategy for success, while still living a fulfilled life.

You’re ready to stop talking and start doing.

You wish you had a safe place to get the training, support and accountability you need to really grow your business so that you can finally reach full time entrepreneur status.

Say hello to your new friend…

The CEO Mastery Inner Circle is a mentoring program for women who are ready to consistently execute at every opportunity, whether it be with their visibility, their income or their business growth in general.

You know that in order to succeed you have to take ACTION but not just any action, the right action on a consistent basis.

I created this 6 month group programme for driven entrepreneurs who are tired of spinning their wheels and want to see better results in their business.

No more wasted investments – it is time so see a ROI on your efforts.

2017 is the year of #nomoreexcuses.

What the Inner Circle is NOT

Another course – hmm you and I both know that you don’t need another course, you need to take your knowledge and implement. Yes there will be training but it will be short and sweet and totally relevant to where you are right now.

Another facebook group – heck no, the Facebook group is your war room. We strategise, we plan and we execute. It’s also your place to ask questions, get support, a listening ear and accountability.

Another generic program – oh no – I have created this group coaching program to serve you where you need it most. At the end of our time together you will have grown in ways you couldn’t have imagined and your business finally delivering the results you know it is capable of.

Another get rich quick, do no work scheme – you want to know the BIG secret about business? There is NO SECRET. Create a plan, show up and do the work, (the right work) consistently. You will get results…that I CAN guarantee.


As part of the program you will receive:

monthly group training and guest expert calls

monthly group coaching calls

weekly live office hours where you can ask me anything you want and have my undivided attention

small group pods to keep you on track

Plus very own private mastermind community where you receive accountability and support.

BONUS – You will also receive access to The Business Vault (worth £197) for more hands on training as well as other special bonuses I will throw in along the way too!

Plus you will receive discounts on any new programs I launch this year.

Joining Options!


Pay in full

Best value
  • Support and Community
  • Monthly Group coaching and Q&A call 
  • Monthly coaching hotseats  
  • Small Group  
  • Live Weekly Office Hours  
  • Guest Experts  
  • Checklists, Cheatsheets + Swipe files  
  • Private Mastermind Community    

What Others Are Saying

Chichi has a fantastic way of bringing the mountain of ideas that I have for my business into a cohesive and achievable plan of action. I have done previous courses of Chichi’s such as the Creative Web School, the Mastermind Club and had some 1-2-1 calls with Chichi and I have always left knowing so much more and much more confident in developing my business.  Thank you Chichi x 

Larriena St Cyr

Chichi has an amazing gift to help you become more aware that “you are your business” and it’s so important to look after yourself so that your business is actually in line with the lifestyle you really want to create for yourself. Chichi was able to shine a light into the areas around my business that were no longer working for me. My current business and lifestyle goals were actually not in line, so I was able to see very clearly what wasn’t working anymore and how I could change it, it was very exciting!

Emily Whelan

Chichi’s expertise in the world of online strategies, tools and automation hacks is quite amazing and I have learned so much in such a short space of time by working with her. By the third month working with her I had doubled my client base, I had written a guest post blog for an online magazine, one speaking engagement, and a strong pipeline of opportunities. If you are looking for a coach who will challenge you out of your comfort zone, equip you with effective tools to launch your business, and help you grow your business in an authentic and value aligned way. then Chichi is most definitely the one. 

Oby Bamidele


Who is the Inner Circle for?

If you are someone who is ready to grow their business and have a bigger impact, but is not sure on what steps to take. You want to invest in coaching but are not ready for a 1:1 program and are looking for expert guidance and support, plus community, then this is perfect. 

Who is the Inner Circle NOT for?

If you are brand new in business and you are still figuring out your ideal client etc. Women who are not ready to show up and do the work. If you find that you are someone who makes excuses for why you have achieved the success that’s available to you, Inner Circle may not be for you. 

When do I get access to The Inner Circle?

We officially kick off in August 14th for Orientation and September 4th for 6 months, but as soon as you sign up you have access to the Facebook group and The Business Vault.

I don’t have a business can I join The Inner Circle?

Not at this time, but I have other programs which are more suitable. You can check out the Business Vault.

Do I have to pay month-to-month?

Nope! You can choose to pay per month, or up front for the 6 months. It’s completely up to you.

How many spots are the in The Inner Circle? 

For this round we are capping enrolment at 25.

Do we have 1:1 access to you?

This is a group coaching and mentoring program, so you will see me in the Facebook group daily. the group calls and also in the live Q&A, but there is no 1:1 component to this program. If you would like more 1:1 support, then feel free to speak to me about my 1:1 coaching programs.

The difference between where you are now and where you want to be?


Hi I’m Chichi Eruchalu, a Business Strategist and Coach who helps you get noticed and known by the people that matter – your future clients.

My sweet spot is business visibility, helping you confidently overcome your fears around being seen online by helping you lead with your strengths.

I am here to help you get clear on what you want, create a plan to achieve it and hold you accountable every step of the way.

I work with solopreneurs, new and established businesses to creatively build your strategy & help you be connected to your bigger purpose, so that you can grow a business which allows you to feel fulfilled & give back in an authentic way.

I created the Inner Circle because I am FRUSTRATED with a lot of stuff out there right now. You don’t need more INFORMATION, you need TRANSFORMATION through taking the right ACTION every day. This is not another “online course” where you are left to your own devices. No, this is a community and mentoring program where leaders are developed, achieving results are the norm and excellence is our standard.

Welcome to the next level.

I love how Chichi shows up in the group every day, she remembers actions you had set for yourself, and calls you out to see how you are doing. Despite being part of a group, she takes the time to answer your personal questions and help you with what you need with your own business. I highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about joining to invest and join!

Lyn Whittle

A big and heartfelt “Thank You” to this amazing business coach Chichi Eruchalu. It is rate to come across a coach that truly gives and has your success in mind when working with you. She tells you nothing is magic but with real work and with clarity – knowing who you are, you can truly grow your business.

She does not just talk but focuses on helping you identify how you can be the best for your business with your strengths.

Omozua Isiramen


Pay in full

Best value
  • Support and Community
  • Monthly Group coaching and Q&A call 
  • Monthly coaching hotseats  
  • Small Group Pods  
  • Live Weekly Office Hours  
  • Guest Experts  
  • Checklists, Cheatsheets + Swipe files  
  • Private Mastermind Community    

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