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“KAIZEN” – The art of continuous improvement.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs it is really easy to do something once, decide it was okay and then move onto something else, rather than refine and make it better.

Obviously if something flops badly, don’t try and resurrect it, but say you release a new program or course and 3-5 people sign up. That is not a failure. It just means that you didn’t get yourself in front of enough people to market yourself. Do it again, with more visibility, you will get more numbers. The fact that you sold 3 means that people are interested.

The very first Mastermind I ran in January 2016, Purpose, Passion and Profits Mastermind, I had 6 women in the program. I was scared, this was my first group program and so I wrote a list of the women I would love to have in the group and I personally invited them. I didn’t even promote it outside of that or tell my list.

It was a small intimate group and I learnt a lot about running a group program and making sure it fit around MY lifestyle, rather than the other way round. I remember doing group calls, with my then 1 year old baby on my back, video off, jumping him up and down to sleep. It was then I decided I no longer would do calls in the evening.

At the end of the 3 months we had an in person day which was magical and I learnt that there is something super powerful when women connect face to face, tears flowed, life long friendships made.

My second Mastermind, was the Visibility Vortex Mastermind in Nov 2016, focused on helping you grow in confidence and up your visibility. I took the lessons from the first Mastermind, decided to increase the spaces and also include 1:1 calls. I hosted the group coaching calls in the day and had 11 women sign up. My goal was 10.

This was the program that supported me in the first 6 months of going full time and replaced my corporate income. I worked my but off for the proceeding month and half doing calls, connecting with people and inviting people into the program and it was filled!

A few things I didn’t factor was:
– different business types: product vs service
– different stages of business owners: just starting vs more experienced, different needs
– the important of a group being able to bond well from the get go: so important
– having different levels of access to me, so if you want 1:1 you can upgrade (I offered it to everyone)

1:1 calls were fantastic but the Facebook group…tumbleweed and I tried several times to resurrect it but in the end recognised that if you don’t set the intention clearly at the beginning and the members of the group also agree to this, it is difficult to get it later. Huge lesson there.

I also asked the ladies who were part of the program for their feedback and listened to what they said. They gave me nuggets I could use for future programs.

I was so discouraged by the lack of group engagement I almost wrote the program off and said I am never doing it again, but my mentor asked me to clarify whether that was necessary or whether I could look at ways to make it better the next time.

I chose the second option (because I genuinely love group programs), learnt lessons from this program and allowed it to influence my next Mastermind – The Inner Circle 1.0

Ahhh the Inner Circle. This has been my best group program to date.

I took the feedback, my own observations and the things that I had learnt and created a new program, which focused on community and strategy for women in years 1 to 3 of business, earning less than £2000 a month.

Helping women have a safe space to grow, learn and share. Accountability pods to support in-between group calls, pop up challenges, mini trainings and coaching from me.

I gave all the ladies a questionnaire to complete at the beginning of the program so that I could understand their needs and motivations and I also used this information to pair them into their accountability pods.

The women gelled from day 1 AND showed up. I was very intentional about this and set the tone from the beginning of what I expected of them.

Throughout the program, I didn’t have to worry about people not coming into the group, posting or asking questions. The ladies stepped up and supported EACH OTHER and I was able to be a mentor, coach and facilitator. I loved being able to deliver this program and my clients saw so many shifts in mindset, new businesses started, growth, new clients and more.

One of them made more in the first month of the program than she had, her entire time in business!

I also learned that it is important to listen to feedback and evolve. To “vet” people before hand to ensure that they are a right fit.

I hand picked all the accountability groups and they WORKED well. I also made sure that I lead by example and showed up. If I made a mistake I didn’t hide it and when part way through they said they wanted more coaching calls (not part of the original package), I obliged because at the end of the day, their results are important to me.

And so as I prepare to welcome in the new round of the Inner Circle – I am really excited about how the next 10 months will unfold.




Our three cornerstones. And over the course of this month I will go into more detail about each of them.

The point of this super long post…always keep listening and developing. When something you have is good, but some part of it is not working, evolve, shift and change. If I hadn’t done that with Vortex mastermind, the Inner Circle would not have been born.

Be sure to bring KAIZEN into your business and look to improve – every.single.day!

p.s. Inner Circle my 10 month group coaching mastermind is launching again soon. If you would like more info and details, visit here.

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