So you’re ready to stop fumbling in the dark and start earning the money you know you deserve?

You have taken course after course and are still not seeing results, except a depleting bank balance. This business which you set up to bring freedom (time and financial) is doing anything but.

In fact you are finding yourself working longer hours for less pay. Whaat!!!

You 9-5 is sucking the life out of you. Hiding behind routines and responsibilities that are no longer fulfilling.

You are desperate to leave so that you can finally live the life you were called to live.

Ready to remove the mask, re-discover your identity and embrace your calling. Your purpose.

You are meant for more. You know it and it’s time the world did too.

What I believe

You build a life first, and your business second.

Purpose – By understanding your why and the bigger vision for your life, you can set goals and achieve the success you desire – but you have to be intentional in creating the life that you want and be prepared to get uncomfortable

Passion – we want to be doing what we love, working with clients that we love and creating a life that we love. Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy – it is this passion that will keep you going to push through when you need it the most,

Profits – if you’re not making money, you haven’t got a business, so it is important that we ensure that you are running a business that generates the money that you need and does not become another expensive hobby

Imagine a life where you did things on your terms.
You worked when you wanted and earned what you needed to create the lifestyle you craved.
Every day you were passionately pursuing your calling and that little thing called freedom? It is yours in abundance.

That life…that life is now.

My mentoring is for you if:

You run a serviced based business on or offline

You know you can make money doing work you love, but you need accountability or action steps to get there

You are an action taker and are ready to take 100% responsibility for your success

Clients Wins: Leaving their 9-5, Becoming Amazon best selling authors, getting booked out in services having had no clients previously, replacing full time income and having best income months in business.







You need to build consistency in each of these four areas in order to see growth in the three Cs:

Clients, Community and Cash.

During our time together we focus on establishing the right foundations in your business and building in these 4 key areas.

With this mentorship, you will receive:

6 months private 1:1 coaching
1/2 day intensive to kick off
18 x 45 min calls which are recorded for your convenience
Unlimited email access + Voxer Access
2 x 90 Day action plans
My business templates/swipe files and training via The Business Vault
Access to my team for done for you support and implementation

Hey visionary woman. I see you.

You have big dreams and even bigger plans. You desire to leave your job and start living your purpose – all the while making good money to boot.

As your coach and mentor, I am not about following a cookie cutter approach. You are an individual and your success road map should be too.

My goal is to get you from A to B, quicker than you get there yourself. Why spend hours searching YouTube or Googling the answer when you can just ask someone who has “been there and done that”. Why make unnecessary and costly mistakes if you don’t have to.

Your plan will be specific to your business and the focus will be EXECUTION.

It’s a badass get your biz sorted workout and your business will not be the same.

(Nor will you).

“Chichi is very knowledgeable and tech savvy with a great eye for design and attention to details. She is incredibly good at what she does, very easy to deal with and delivers on her promises.”

Racquel Scrivens

“My experience with Chichi was simple and yet empowering and inspiring. Her patience and powerful questions really helped me to dig deep to bring together the ideas floating around in my brain. Chichi rocks as a business coach :-)!!!”

Natalie L. Stennis

“I had a strategy session with Chichi, and she gave me practical tips for harnessing my list, improving engagement with my blog content and increasing my visibility. She is knowledgeable and professional.”
Tolu Popoola

£850 a month for 6 months

£5000 pay in full

I am Chichi Eruchalu, Business Strategist and Visibility Coach to visionary women. I have built my business from the ground up, while bringing up a young family and holding down a 9-5. So if anyone knows what it’s like to be juggling all the balls, I am that girl.

My mission is to help you remove the mask and stop hiding. Quit the excuses and create the business you want to support the life you desire.

Some of my recent accomplishments:

  • Built an international consulting firm with clients worldwide
  • Leaving my 9-5 to go full time in my business in October 2016
  • Published in the Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, The Everygirl and The Talented Ladies Club
  • Having a Facebook Live video go viral (156k as of today) – 7 reasons why you are broke in your business
  • Getting myself booked out for the next 6 months and a 5 figure launch (£22k sales) – 30 days after leaving my job
  • Grew my Facebook community (C.E.O. Mastery) from 242 to 2000+ in 5 short months
  • Supporting thousands of women in helping them redefine what success means, stop hiding and build profitable businesses online

All while holding down a job and being a mum to my 4 and 2 year old .

I’m here to show you that it’s possible. If you want it!

A year from now, where do you want to be? If the answer is “not here” then it is time for a reality check and to make some decisions.

Only you have the power to make the change you desire.

The choice is yours.