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This evening as I sat in darkness rocking my three year old to sleep, carefully placing him down on his bed, sneaking out of the room, only to hear cries of “mummy come and lie with me” I had this feeling of deja vu.
I remember the nights I would do this with my daughter and how frustrating it felt, wanting her to sleep, but she refused and she would only sleep if mummy was lying next to her.
Inside of me I cried with frustration, tiredness and impatience. I had things to do….why wouldn’t she let me do them.
Motherhood had been this enlightened and somewhat bewildering experience, learning new things and basically working hard to keep my mini human alive. Balancing the desire to do my own thing, rediscover my identity but also be there and present for her too.
I begun my first business (virtual assistant) 9 months after she was born. The sleepless nights worked for me, I was always a bit of a night owl.
I could work on my business, build my website, do client projects and nurse her back to sleep when she needed it.
To be honest, I don’t remember sleeping properly for the first 3 years of her life. 😂
And then she started sleeping through and it was as if those sleepless nights never happened.
And then her brother came.
Fast forward 3 years and here I am again.
But this time I feel peace, because I know “this time shall pass” and so I savour it. I breathe it in. I don’t even take my phone into the room, while I sit in darkness, I just think and reflect.
Life passes by way to fast and it is easy to not enjoy the journey because you are wishing it away hoping for the next phase when… (insert as appropriate).
But I have learnt, I am learning that my current situation is not my final destination.
And I can choose to see it any way or any how I like.
Going through a business lull?
Not booking clients?
Money not coming in?
It is a season.
Have a young family like I do, which means that you work less than someone who doesn’t. Or maybe you have other commitments which require your time and energy and you wonder when will it ever end.
It is okay.
This is a season
It is just a season.
What is your season telling you, what are the lessons need to learn? How can you come to embrace and appreciate it.
Your business will go through seasons.
Your life will go through them.
Know that “this too will pass”.
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