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Does the thought of going live – scare you to death?

Or maybe you want to go live but don’t know what to say?

In this 5 day course I will show you how to use live video to build credibility, get clients and grow your community, on less that 20 mins a day.

I share tips and strategies to help you master Facebook Live so that you can comfortably start using it in your business.

Bonus material:

  • Unlocking the Visibility Code Training series

Format: MP4 Video + PDF

Struggling to manage your business, your job, your family and more?

In this masterclass I share with you…

  • how to think like a CEO and create more time in your day so that you can work less and achieve more
  • why multitasking will kill your business and how to identify and FOCUS on income producing activity
  • the key areas of your business where you need to automate, delegate and systemise to ensure success and reduce stress especially while working in your 9-5
  • the exact routines and strategies I used to run my business (alongside my 9-5 and young family) that consistently bring me in more income than I earn in day job each month

Bonus material:

  • Outsourcing in your business
  • Daily 5 – what you should focus on every day

Format: MP4 Video + PDF

Looking to book your first or your next client?

There are 5 key areas you need to look at to ensure client booking success. In this course we take each one in details and help you get ready for receiving more clients. 

Bonus material:

  • How to get a new client in 48 hours cheatsheet 
  • Getting started with Facebook Live Guide and how I use FB live to build my community and book clients 
  • 7 ways to find your ideal client cheatsheet 
  • 5 ways to grow your business when you are scared to be seen (audio) 

Format: MP4 Video + PDFs

Pre-order my new book!

“If Only They Knew” is my journey of entrepreneurship and courage, sharing with you how you can create your own full-time freedom business on your own terms.

Available to buy now, and released 24th October.

Coaching Calls

1:1 Strategy session (60 mins)

Not ready for long term coaching? Fancy my brains on your business?

My Strategy Sessions are your opportunitity to get some 1:1 time with me.

If you are struggling with your next step, need a dose of clarity or just want me to help you with some tech or training. Grab your personal time with me. Find out more.

The Collective Mastermind Community

Mentoring and training where we focus on consistency, community, connection and commitment.

Monthly trainings, weekly q&a, access to my cheatsheets and swipes files, where else would you rather be!

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